Wednesday, February 11, 2009

His healing hand...

So, today I am sick. I hate being sick, but I really love the breaks you get while being sick. No, I don't mean how you get to sit on the couch while everyone bustles around you, or get to sleep till 2 in the afternoon (I still can't believe I did that!) The breaks I'm talking about are the ones where you're feeling like garbage, and then for 3 beautiful minutes you feel peaceful and rested. Those are the minutes I feel Jesus looking at me and loving me and being merciful to me. Then all the rest of the day is easier to bear, because you know that you deserve this pain, but Jesus spares you so much of it! Augh. I hate being a sinner. But you know one plus? I have an amazing Saviour!


Ceira said...

Oh, Rachel,
I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. I'll be praying for quick and complete healing!
Love you ever so much,
Your SiC,

Rodeo4Christ said...

Ouch, things have been go around so much.. Love you and hope you are better soon!