Sunday, September 27, 2009

10 true fashion-y things

Well, Jasmine has kind of made it a free for all on who to "tag" to write 10 true fashion-y things about themselves. And since it has to do with fashion, I couldn't resist. :D

Let's see.....

#1- I love all things old-fashioned and vintage. If it looks antique-y or distressed in some way, I'll probably find some reason to get it.

#2- I love to wear dresses.

#3- However, if a skirt or dress intrigues me enough to really look, I have one major standard (aside from modesty). It has to hold one full stride. What would I do if we were at church and a game of Everyone's It or frisbee broke out?

4#- Clutches. Big clutches. Enough said.

#5- Ballet flats and flip flops. I don't like to wear heals; they're just not my thing. So, I content myself with those two.

#6- Oh, Converse sneakers. Preferably in colors not everyone has. Primary green, for example....

#7- If there's going to be a surprise of color in my outfit it might as well be yellow.
#8- Hats. Hats of all sorts and time eras. But I don't really wear them. Explain that one.
#9- I like vintage jewelry and big earrings, but I tend to only wear jewelry that has sentimental value. My purity ring, necklace from Meemaw, and the earrings that Daddy gave Momma the Christmas before they got married are what I wear most always.

#10- I like to make my fashion me. So I don't like to wear things that everyone else wears (unless I like them). You could cheer me on for my originality or reproach me for my stubbornness. Your pick. <3>

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hamma Jamma

Well, some of you know that my little cousin, Abraham, just went through an operation to remove his appendix due to acute appendicitis. His appendix was so swollen but had not burst.
And I just wanted to say how ecstatic and grateful I am to my Savior for preserving him. This little boy brings so much joy into my life with his sweet smiles, silly giggles, and little trouble-planning brain! If ever I need something mischievous done, I know who to call!

I pray that God would mold him into a Godly warrior, ready to take down the gates of hell. (Sounds cool, huh Ham?)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yes, I know.

I've been gone forever, and I now have so many things to post on that I'll probably annoy you! So, hope you enjoyed the peace,
but I'm back now.