Sunday, September 27, 2009

10 true fashion-y things

Well, Jasmine has kind of made it a free for all on who to "tag" to write 10 true fashion-y things about themselves. And since it has to do with fashion, I couldn't resist. :D

Let's see.....

#1- I love all things old-fashioned and vintage. If it looks antique-y or distressed in some way, I'll probably find some reason to get it.

#2- I love to wear dresses.

#3- However, if a skirt or dress intrigues me enough to really look, I have one major standard (aside from modesty). It has to hold one full stride. What would I do if we were at church and a game of Everyone's It or frisbee broke out?

4#- Clutches. Big clutches. Enough said.

#5- Ballet flats and flip flops. I don't like to wear heals; they're just not my thing. So, I content myself with those two.

#6- Oh, Converse sneakers. Preferably in colors not everyone has. Primary green, for example....

#7- If there's going to be a surprise of color in my outfit it might as well be yellow.
#8- Hats. Hats of all sorts and time eras. But I don't really wear them. Explain that one.
#9- I like vintage jewelry and big earrings, but I tend to only wear jewelry that has sentimental value. My purity ring, necklace from Meemaw, and the earrings that Daddy gave Momma the Christmas before they got married are what I wear most always.

#10- I like to make my fashion me. So I don't like to wear things that everyone else wears (unless I like them). You could cheer me on for my originality or reproach me for my stubbornness. Your pick. <3>


Daniel said...

Oh, Rachel, that sounds exactly like you! :) Too bad, huh? Just kidding...


Sisters 4 said...

Oh, sorry, I used Daniel's name... :)

Lindy said...

Can I borrow your clothes? What? I'm too old to dress like you?? Geesh--you're not very nice! :)