Monday, October 5, 2009

Love you, Levi!

October 3rd was my little cousin's birthday, and I had meant to post that day, but had sewing lessons with Mrs. Giedd.

So, now I get to tell you all just how much I love Levi. Which I really can't express with words! So I'll use pictures to give a hint to why I love him so much. :D

Swimming at Great Wolf Lodge.

Freaking Aunt Tam out at Niagra Falls, last year. (funny!)

Batting cages in NY, compliments of Aunt Tam.

See? I knew you'd understand after you saw those.

Another thing that just melts my heart about Levi is how much he loves Daniel. See for Levi, Daniel's name isn't Daniel. It's Buddy.

"Hey, Buddy!"
"G'night, Buddy."
"See you tomorrow, Buddy!"
"You can't do that, Buddy."
"Here let me help, Buddy."

Daniel's birthday was in September, and Abe and Levi both sent him presents. Can you guess what Levi's said?

To: Buddy
From: Levi

So, Happy 9th Birthday, and I love you, Levi! I pray that God blesses your coming year!


Tara said...

Rach - I had been checking because you told me to...There wasn't anything there! We just got home from football practice, and Levi is in the shower, but I'll have him check it out when he gets done! It was very sweet!

Tara said...

You and I still are good friends and we had fun back then but were going to come and visit oh and how is buddy? i love you to rachel. love Levi