Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Fa shame, Fa shame."

Yes, I realize that it's been longer than a month since my last post. But! of all the excuses I could give, I do believe mine is one of the better.

We've just finished moving out of our house into a house across the street.

My cousins have lived there for about 4 years, and will now be making a military-move to "Abalama." The Lord saw fit to bless us by selling our home (He is good!), and we will now be renting their house, while we look for somewhere to buy.

So it won't be a really hard transition, since it's already like a second home. Complete with memories of water gun fights, barbeques, planting hundreds of trees, game nights, and sleepovers. :)

And while I miss our home, I try to keep thoughts of discontentment out of my head. Because, really, I have no room to complain! I'm not even leaving the neighborhood I love; the one I asked the Lord to keep me in for at least one more summer (thank you Jesus!).

And God sold our house in a market that predicted otherwise. He only had us wait 3 months, too!

So if you hear me whining.... scold!


Ceira said...

Be still and know that the Lord is good....
So glad you are not leaving the area!!!!!

These Are My Lyrics. . . . said...

Ew, planting 100's of trees.....Sooooooooo glad that's all done with. haha, you guys get to have fun with them now. ;D Muahahaha.