Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Math... Daniel style.

The other day Mommy was in the kitchen with Daniel, and they started up some math conversations. (I suddenly had to go organize my socks....)

It started out-

"If you had one otter and someone came along, and they gave you two more otters, how many otters would you have?"

"Mmm... three."

"Very good! Hm...." she smiles at him " What if Daniel needed two spankings and then he needed two more spankings! How many spankings does he need?"

His reply?


Cute and clever.


Lindy said...

Cute. :) Thanks for posting!

Brian, Tracy, Rachel, Kyle, Elise, and Daniel said...

That Daniel is a funny guy...

These Are My Lyrics. . . . said...

That boy......he sure does make me laugh.

Elisa said...

hehehehehe :) what a cute kid! :)