Monday, April 19, 2010

Funny, funny.

On Sunday, Daniel saw this yellow balloon that was just laying around at church, and he was very excited to be able to keep it. He loves balloons.... *hint hint Elisa!*

So, on the way home from church, the ballon got a face drawn upon it. And somebody (I don't know who...) commented on how it looked like Kyle.... when he was forty......

And the name stuck!

So, Daniel has spent the past day distorting it and drawing more and more on it, that you can imagine how funny it was when he came in saying

"Momma! I was messing with Kyle's head and...."

I don't even know what he said next, we were laughing so hard!

It's okay if Kyle gets a taste of his own medicine once in a while.


But in the end, he popped.


Tara said...

Good thing you're saving all Daniels funny "happenings" on here! It will make for a good book later in life!

Annina said...

So I think Daniel made it into my five favorite little boys... :)

See you Sunday!