Friday, December 17, 2010

Just so merciful.

Today was one of those yucky nothing-went-the-way-it-was-supposed-to-and-I'm-pretty-sure-it-was-all-my-fault-days. Yes. Pretty bad. But you know what? Even though I'm dead tired and overwhelmed, it doesn't change the fact that
every one of these things is true:

Daniel will wake me up in the morning with a sweet and silly smile. *sigh* Always does.

We have yummy cinnamon rolls.

I'm pretty confident I did well on my finals, and I am officially on break until January 9th.

We're living in a house that doesn't need any renovations done to it. (And these people don't even know how much they're blessing us. It's unfathomable.)

I have friends who don't mind being spontaneous! Or sharing their M&M's and secrets...

Kyle is my official laugh-out-loud, love-him-so-much dance partner.

We have a dishwasher.

My jeans are the perfect length.

I still remember the songs Daddy used to sing me to sleep with.

In a couple of days, we'll be spreading the holiday cheer down in Alabama.

Mommy's made me into a crazy bargain hunting machine. Not ashamed!

Elise loves wrapping Christmas presents, even more than I do.

I laugh out of the blue, when I remember good memories.


God loves me enough to give me this list. And that's just so merciful, because I certainly don't deserve it. Thank you, Lord.

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{Far From Perfect} said...

Yup! We sure all have those days... but thank-you lists are the best! :)