Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good medicine, it was.

Daddy, Kyle, and I were driving home from church on Sunday, and we were seriously just having so much fun. We took a road that I hadn't been on for a pretty long time, and I was surprised at how much I had missed it. It goes through these grassy plains and over these rolling hills, and we were actually there during the time of day when the sun uses those warm rays to cast long shadows across the fields. I love that time of day. Anyway, we were driving the Mazda, and it was really windy. The added combination equals: talk loud, if you want to say something. So, we did. And we laughed loud, too. :) We can be such a fun, witty bunch, sometimes. I really love the times I get with them together. We talked about a lot of stuff, though I'm not really sure how we got on this subject...

[me] "Dad, what if I don't get married?"

[Dad] . . . "Well, I see you doing some home business things. You could invest in a lot of the things you enjoy, now. Like photography, writing, and such... And there may come a time when something you're not very interested in, but are fine with, presents itself as a good opportunity for profit."

[cue Kyle's "must lighten things up"]
"So, the moral of the story is: Get married."

[me] ". . .That's not actually up to me."

[Kyle]". . . What do you mean?"

[cue Daddy's "been affected by Kyle's 'must lighten things up'"]
"She means that her father's standards are far too high, and it's hard to tell whether anyone will fit them. The interested young man will be hesitant to apply, once he sees the seventh suitor scurrying away saying, "What do you mean what's my favorite color??"

[me] "Mmm-nooo. No. That's not what I mea-"

[Kyle] ". . . Rachel. You attract stupid men."

{insert laugh}

[cont.] ". . . Don't even know what their favorite color is. . ."

I think the real moral of the story ended up being: Bring Kyle when wanting to talk about a somewhat serious subject. He'll make sure it ends on a happy note. I know a lot of people think that deep, serious conversations are what's best in relationships, and I completely agree that those are good for growth and ensuring the relationship isn't shallow. But I honestly think some of the most important and affective moments in my relationships with others have been when we were laughing. I think it just adds so much warmth.

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22


Emily said...

Amen Rach! :) I love your dad's wit... And I love you all. A joyful heart is most definitely good medicine.

Annina said...

Hahaha! I love your family. I was laughing about my phone conversation with your dad for a couple of days afterwards. :) Looking forward to our weekends together this month! Love you lots... xo

Maggie said...

Haha.....Oh, that made me laugh! I love y'all! Brothers are such good things to have around, aren't they? Lol...Remember, it's not just your dad's standards he has to fill.....he has to live up to your (extremely long) resume as well. :)


Rachel said...

Em- I love it, too. And we love you, as well!

Annina- I'm so glad, Annina! You're pretty much stuck with us... metaphorically and literally. :D

Maggie- Yes! I love my brothers. And hahaha... I'm not sure there'll ever be a guy who could top our incredibly amazing resumes. And the list is still growing! ;) Love you!

Elisa said...

BAhahaha! ok. so I read this just after chatting with you, and it made me laugh!

I never thought I would say this out loud. but. I think life would be *EXTREMELY* dull without some Mr. Brottlund, and (yes), Kyle humor thrown in. :)