Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Tea

Last week Mommy and I went to some friend's house for tea and Christmas carol singing. We had a great time fellowshiping with friends and drinking Raspberry Zinger!

Here's Mommy with Mrs. S and Anna. They never fail to make us laugh! Even in conversations on Algebra.... who can do that??

And of course, you simply can't have a Christmas gathering without cookies. It's a law of nature, I'm sure.

They have the perfect living room for big groups. And it was decorated so nicely for the holidays! Some of the girls went downstairs to play Empire. A fun "name" game. Can you guess who I was? Bet not!

Here's Riley, my fellow Raspberry Zinger fanatic!

And yes, by the end of the night I finally caught Whitney with the camera! You can run but you can't hide... Especially from a "trigger happy" photographer!


edotegowski said...

Looks like a lot of fun. It's snowing pretty heavy here--if you come out bring your sled. Love you honey

JM Photo said...

so glad you all could come.. love you!!