Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Grinch Fest

In a wonderful lapse of sanity, Mommy decided to take Lil, Daniel, and me to the mall today. On a Saturday. Three weeks from Christmas.

Anyway, what we went for was a Grinch Fest at Borders. Now I love Borders but at Christmas time, it's irresistible. And it's even adorable when they have someone read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," make crafts, and play games. So we got to listen to a story while having milk, cookies, and hot chocolate.

Here Daniel is coloring his Antler. Well... it looked more like an upside down, mutated candy cane... but so does the one in the book! You know, the one poor Max gets stuck with? They were making these for a game we plaid later.

Goose is decorating her wreath in pom poms. (And yes, for those of you asking. Elise does have almost every nickname imaginable :) Her wreath turned out very colorful and creative. Like her! Aren't her pigtails cute? The hair bands were red and green; her shirt was red, her sweater was green. Hmm.... I think some one's ready for Christmas.

I got to make an antler too, only mine ended up gold and purple. Not traditional, but don't worry. My wreath was about as plain and perfect as they come. Other than it smelling like watermelon and cherry. Please tell me someone else remembers those markers from Sunday school!

Here's where the antlers come into play. Pin the antler on Max! And that's pretty much what happened every time until when tying the blindfold on, one little girl said, "Um, I can see through the ribbon." You could just see the light bulb go on in the organizer's head. :)

Aunt Tara, when we were doing our crafts there was a little boy who was next to me. He asked me if he could have the marker when I was done. I literally had to do a double take he reminded me of Abe so much! That kind of brought me down a bit, since I knew if you all were here, you'd have gone with us..... *sob*

Okay, I'm good now. It was really fun; thanks Mommy!

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Tara said...

Yes we would have gone with you!!! It sounds like you all had a good time though. I LOVE the new picture on my blog - made me a little bit homesick. Though it looks very cold! Love you!