Monday, February 15, 2010

Daniel's method

The other day we got home from the library with a DVD that hadn't been unlocked. It wasn't even the library's fault, because we went through the self check-out. ( I hate those, in case you were wondering. 10 minutes of pretending you know what to do for a box of Reeses Pieces. Really?)

Well, Kyle and I were going to go watch Valkyrie, but we found out it was locked. Daniel, without any hesitation, said, "I can get that." He took the movie, walked over to the hutch, pulled an 8 lb. weight out from under it, and slammed it on the case!

Boys. You gotta love 'em!


Tara said...

So, what you're saying then, is that you owe the library for the cost of the dvd. Gotta love those boys!!!

Far From Perfect said...

Aw love it! love it!

Nick and Tammy said...

Great one Rachel. Your stories make me laugh. Of course I don't have to replace the video! Love all of you bunches!

Elisa said...

haha daniel....did kyle teach him that :) lol