Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling blessed

Lately that's just how I've been feeling. Simply blessed! Blessed with a beautiful family, blessed with Daddy's job(!), blessed with friends who don't mind us sinners!

In the winter I sometimes don't feel as happy or joyful as I do in the summer. I'm sure that makes sense to a lot of you, but I know some who adore the winter! And don't get me wrong; I enjoy the snow. I love sledding with everyone and hiking in God's white wonderland.

But for me, there's something enchanting about the sunshine. I love to feel it; it feels like God's love. I close my eyes and soak it in.

Fall's brisk weather and spices are invigorating. Winter's snow can seem magical. Spring's new buds are tender and sweet.

But to me, summer-- summer is a smile. Summer is a walk in the evening when the sun casts shadows over the fields.

Summer is stopping by a friend's house for lemonade.

Summer is roasting marshmellows and shooting off fireworks on the 4th.

Summer is laying in the back of Daddy's Scout, counting shooting stars while he drives around the neighborhood.

Summer is when all the windows in the house are open, and the breeze just floats by!

Summer is Bible study, way out east! Four-square and volleyball.

So even though I can't have summer, yet. I'm blessed with memories of it, and the feeling that it's coming!

I don't mention what I'm thankful for or feeling blessed by, enough. So thank you, Jesus, for summer time memories!

Now I'll just finish making those winter ones!

The day is Yours, and Yours also the night; You established the sun and moon.
It was You who set all the boundaries of the earth; You made both summer and winter.
  • Psalm 74: 16-17


Anonymous said...

Rachel--sometimes your insight and depth of character is totally amazing. I love you

Anonymous said...

sorry-the above comment was from me-grandma-hit the wrong button.

Amy said...

aw Rachel, you are so talented!
I agree, something about summer.. everything, and everyone, is just more alive, inside and out.
I am so excited for some sunshine and warmth! buuuut I'll be happy and perfectly content in the cold months, which can sometimes be just as fun. Snuggling up in a comfy blanket, hot chocolate, everyone just being together more since we can't spread out all over outside.. those are good, too. =)

Amy said...

ohhh my goodness I love this song, Your Hands! I had forgotten about it. I heard it driving to Pueblo, probably. aw this makes me happy... haha =)

Nick and Tammy said...

Rachel- Your thoughts run quite deep. That's impressive for your age. Never give it up! Love you

Brian, Tracy, Rachel, Kyle, Elise, and Daniel said...

Thank the Lord for amazing sunshine even through our winters...