Monday, July 5, 2010

How we did at the CHEC conference...

Well! We did well. We got back all of what we invested and more, learned how to prepare for and manage a business booth, and spent 3 days with awesome friends. Needless to say, I believe it was way worth it!

We received a lot of interest, though, not quite as much as we had hoped for. I did hear, however, that it was a slower year than the ones before, so. Maybe that was it. Either way! God is sovereign even over tissue pouches. And He was very good to let us do so well! It was our first year, so we didn't know exactly what to prepare for, besides the info friends had given us. (Which was very much appreciated; thank you guys!) But now that we've done it, I know what I would do differently in some areas. And given the chance, I would definitely do it again! I certainly enjoyed the experience as a whole, and I know Elise did, as well!

Next year, I'd like to have more variation in product. The items we chose this year were low scale maintenance, and a good way to introduce Lil to sewing basics. It also presented the opportunity to teach her that if you're making something to sell, it does actually have to be perfect. No cutting corners. It was character building! We both practiced being more precise, and not being careless. If/When the time comes where I can start practicing and making more things like totes(I've actually already started with these...), craft aprons, clutches, and a gazillion other things with such potential adorability, I can perfect my methods (to my madness!) and start up an Etsy shop. It's an idea that's kind of showed up every once in a while, and I think it has the possibility of being very good for me. But I would want to do it when I could really invest the needed time and energy into it. Which isn't now. So! All in God's timing....

Our friends, the Fountains, so graciously let me stay with them during the conference time (Elise got to join in on Friday night; I'm glad she did!), and we had so much fun. These people... :) They're crazy fun and so easy to just be with! I made a lot of memories I love looking back on even though it like, just happened! I love them so much, and enjoyed all the fun we had. From laughing til a ridiculous hour of the night, and having Mrs. Fountain not wring our necks for keeping her up with us, to new catch phrases ("and I'd kick 'er, sir." - "Llliiiar!" - and in closing, "Well... he was too young for you."), to the heart-felt conversations had with sisters who I really do love.

God really blessed this time in many, many ways, and I'm very grateful for all He did with it!

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Andrea said...

I. AM. SO. GLAD. we got to spend the CHEC conference with you, Rachel! Too awesome for words. :-)Push out, chicken!