Thursday, November 4, 2010

As of Recently

I have never wanted to live in town. Not since we moved out to the country, anyway. The thought never appealed to me! I would love to go into town for some fun shopping, eating out, or other special occasion, but I always loved going home. Yes, all the way out to where we lived, out to the dirt roads and fenced acres. It was just home. And the stars always shone brighter the farther away from city lights you were. You would look up and just breathe in God's goodness.

Yet, when the next plan was for us to move into some friend's rental in town, I didn't even give it a second thought. Maybe I was just used to uncertainty and glad for a definite answer. Maybe I'm becoming more pick-up-and-ploppable. But I know that God must have just softened my heart in advance. That He used His grace to make it easier for me (the one who whined about town, remember) just floors me. He is so long-suffering!

And coming here, to this house, to this neighborhood, all of the joys are presenting themselves. I'm so glad we're here in the autumn! Do you know, there are trees here? Like, real trees! Not just pine trees, but deciduous trees! They have leaves! And... they turn colors and fall off.

{We interrupt this program for a happy, happy dance dedicated to crispy leaves made for crunching through}

Seriously. I can walk down the block and come back, all for the purpose of shuffling my feet through the leaves. With a camera, of course... and any siblings who appreciate the joy of skipping down the sidewalk, making leaves fly, and people stare.

Because we're in a significantly smaller house than before, and we're sort of "living out of our suitcases," I see how my picture of what we needed was totally wrong. Not that I wouldn't like, put furniture in the family room (it's all in storage) or want a dishwasher (none), but I see how much more stuff I thought was necessary that was, actually, just the sprinkles on top. And having none of the sprinkles on top doesn't totally deprive you of sanity or happiness. You just think it does. At first. Having the right perspective and attitude are what keep you sane and happy. Not to say I have either of those all the time, but God, in His mercy, has let me look at things the right way, through a lot of this. It's only His mercy that allows that. Relying on my strength would have me rocking back and forth in the corner. Seriously!

What amazes me, though, is not only that God would provide, but that He would provide with something we liked. To bless you with something you truly needed, and to have that something make your heart smile, too?

Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite.
Psalm 147:5


Emily said...

Being content in whatsoever state we are in is a gift! Love you sister! Rest in Jesus!

Annina said...

Great post, Rachel! Do some happy leaf crunching for me, okay? Love you!

Nick and Tammy said...

Now you just have to come to NY for the fall so you can see all the wonderful colors that come with falling leaves out here. Love you!