Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pew Pew!!

Today my cousin Abe had his birthday. Yesterday he had his party, where we all had a truck load of fun playing laser tag!! Now some of you know just how much I like laser tag, but others may not. Either way, you all have to know just how much more fun it is when Daniel's on your team!!

See, you can be on the blue team as Disney characters or on the red team as super heros. Yeah. That's what I said. Of course super heros! So, we get into the room where you "suit up" and it only then hits me that these vests are gonna be way heavy on Daniel! So I look at him and tell him, and of course he's upset. I tell him he can just run with me, but he wants his own. So, near the time we're supposed to go in I look at the vest and think, okay we'll try. But no, he's changed his mind. The thinking of a three year old. Gotta love it!

I don the vest and look at the screen and see I'm Batman. Needless to say, Daniel was Robin. I've never had so much fun playing that game as I did with him. I would take turns with the gun, and then he'd have a turn, and we'd both run around avoiding or shooting the "bad guys."

And the Dynamic Duo saves the day!!!


Arianna said...

Haha. Aw, that's cute ;D I've never played laser tag before but it sounds fun ;)

Sisters 4 said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, and to cute! Love you, Rach!

~Bekah S.