Sunday, March 1, 2009

What to do, what to do....

Okay, who gave Daniel caffeine??

Seriously, this boy is bouncing off the walls!! He's always fun, but he's rarely this crazy.

So, what do you do when your three-year old is this hyper?

Simple solution: Let him play with hawk feathers, he'll think if he flaps hard enough, he'll fly. Then teach him the chicken dance and let him chase you around the living-room while you perform it!

Good to know, right?


Arianna said...

LOL, Daniel sounds hysterical! I've never had little brothers or sisters, since I'm the youngest in my family, but they sound fun, anyway ;0

Rodeo4Christ said...

haha!! I love that kid...

Rachel said...

Hey Rachel....Got an idea! Maybe it was those "hundreds" of heart chocolates sitting around church yesterday? =)

p.s. - Hope you like the new header!

Mandie said...

Daniel is a treasure!

Thanks for missing us at church~ we visited our family in Thornton this weekend and attended with them. It made me miss my hymns and psalms like crazy, but the kids were clapping and practically dancing in the pews to the repetitive contemporary music. Talk to you soon!

P.S. Happy March! (You know what March means~ Archivers! See if you all are up to it!)

Rachel said...

Okay Jess, you are funny. I had to wonder when I left myself a comment! But yes, he did have *ahem* a few candies on Sunday! And yes, again. The header is very likable. Good job, and thank you!

Mrs. Giedd, I was just thinking about Archivers, and how I actually want to get more than two pages done this time! Boy wouldn't that be a miracle, huh? Definitely think March will hold an fun Friday or Saturday for us.

Hope you're at church on Sunday!

Rachel said...

Hey Arianna!

It's good to hear from you. Yes, little siblings are an amazing blessing! However, it seems like God chose to bless in a slightly different way.

I cannot tell you how much fun I think having older brothers to protect you, and older sisters to love and instruct you sounds! But....I'm keeping my heart content with Kyle's playful teasing, Elise's smiles, and Daniel's giggles.(It's not that hard really!)

Wow! I don't normally right comments back to people. Oh well! Bye!